Mortgage Information

Emily Seguin, Mortgage Advisor

Working for you, to get you into your dream home.

As a working professional and a mom of a vibrant 5-year-old, Emily understands the daily struggle of work life vs family life. This is why she has dedicated herself to helping others find the best solution for their family needs.

P: 604-226-2229

Mortgage Shopping Made Easy

It doesn't matter if you are buying your first home or you're a proud owner of several properties, mortgages can be complicated and stressful. Using a mortgage broker takes the stress and turns it into ease. Not only will you have someone helping you accomplish your financial goals, but help walk you through each step of the process. 

Emily Seguin, Mortgage Advisor does just that! When you work with her she sits down with you to learn about you and talk about your short and long term goals. This ensures while she is working for you, she is able to find the best products out there. 

4 Main Steps of Getting A Mortgage

Step 1. Ask. How qualified are you? Most homebuyers believe they are not qualified to get into the home they want. You'd be surprised as to how affordable a mortgage really is.


Step 2. Down payment. All you typically need is 5% of your purchase price for your down payment. 


Step 3. Documents. Most lenders will need you to prove your income and where your down payment is coming from. A few examples of documents that may be required are; pay-stubs, Letter of Employment, 90-day record of your savings account. From here you will PRE-QUALIFY for a specific amount. This will be your guide as to what you can afford. You will now work with your realtor to find your dream home.

Step 4. Options. Once receiving your purchase agreement from Anna, Emily will get your file packaged and ready to be sent off to the lender. Before she does this, she will want to chat with you to go over the different options that best suit your goals. This keeps you involved in the process while getting expert advise. Once you pick the best option for you, she will send it off and wait back to hear from the lender. 

Once your contract is subject free, you will need to prepare yourself for closing costs. This cost will vary and Emily will go over everything with you. 

P: 604-226-2229